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Larry’s Lock & Key offers the best most reliable residential locksmith services for South Metro Atlanta!.

Your home is your sanctuary and houses everything that matters most of all… your loved ones, your valuables, your heirlooms.

Protecting your home should be and usually is your biggest priority. Do not inadvertently put your loved ones and your valuables in jeopardy. It is critical to make sure is fully secure.

Keep in mind always that your first line of defense against burglary is at your front door and gate. By thwarting intruders at those points of entry with high quality pick proof locks, interlocking plates, kick plates and many other security products, usually they will seek easier victims elsewhere.

We care about your home and family! LARRY’S LOCK & KEY number one priority is to help you avoid the devastating feeling, hassle and big losses that can come with being robbed, or even worse…having a loved one threatened or harmed.

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Home protection goes way beyond the locks and keys you buy. When it is done right, there are levels of quality in both service and hardware….Rely on the best advice and service, at better than competitive prices…. LARRY’S LOCK & KEY is a company committed to building relationships based on top quality security products, outstanding communications, and pricing programs that provide our customers the competitive advantage they deserve. All LARRY’S LOCK & KEY professionals and services are fully certified.

Call LARRY’S LOCK & KEY today and let us help protect your home and loved ones! We will guide you to better security solutions for your home. We will complete a security survey of your home; we will alert you to any potential security issues we find, and make recommendations that protect your residence and family to the fullest.

Our locksmiths always use the latest techniques and are successfully able to open 99% of all locks and safes with little or no damage caused whatsoever.
We care about your home, valuables and loved ones!


Our Commercial Locksmith Services for South Metro Atlanta
include but are not limited to the following towns and surrounding areas:

Forsyth – Jackson – Milner – Barnesville – Thomaston – Griffin – Hampton – McDonough – Locust Grove

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